Mae de la Torre is an artistically sensitive woman in whom a constant, irrepressible vocation simmers. The artist, the true creative artist, is the one who writes or paints. Mae de la Torre cultivates both. Her case is that which belongs to the one who writes or paints because there is no other choice in life: condemnation and liberation, strange paradox of this terrible wonder that we call life. Mae writes and paints perpetually and lives submerged in her own world. Whenever I can, I pose overwhelming thoughts about the poet and the painting artist. The multiform countenance of these arts, as old as the human species and equally in ceaseless renewal, besiege me more in times when humanism finds itself enclosed by the unstoppable advances of science and technology. But there is Mae, writing and painting, and as if it were a small thing, generously spreading to her students her knowledge and skill. - Dr. Marco Antonio Rodríguez

Artistic Background

  • Master in Art Studies, UCE. Visual Artist, and Cultural Administrator at the San Francisco University of Quito, Plastic Artist at Penn Foster, USA. Higher Diploma, Specialist in Art Studies, UCE.
  • Mae received several prizes and distinctions inside and outside the Country. Her artistic work declared by degree 36.907, of cultural interest of Rosario, Argentina, honored with the delivery of the flag of that place.
  • Her poems are publicized in the books. "Puente de Palabras del Mercosur" National Library of the Argentine Republic, 2012 - 2017, and in "Antología de poesía hispanoamericana", 2017.
  • She has done numerous art exhibitions, reading poems and master lectures of art.
  • She is founder of Opus Mae Art Gallery.
  • Jury member of national and international art competitions.
  • Cultural Ambassador of Argentina.
  • Founding member of the Ethics Rotarian Action Group.
  • Publication in several books, magazines, newspapers, as Ecuadorean Biographical Dictionary, César A. Alarcón Costta, 2010 Edition.
  • New critical dictionary of the ecuadorian artists, XX Century, Hernán Rodriguez Castelo.2008.
  • The nude in the Ecuadorian contemporaneity, PUCE 2008 edition.
  • In "El Ángel Azul" of Rosario, Argentina,
  • Documentary Record of the Bienal of Cuenca, DocumentArte 2, Edition 2001 Book National Hall of Art Globalization, Nomadism, Identity.
  • Book of Quito Stories by Dr. Fernando Rhon
  • "Pensamiento y Palabra" Edition CCE, Manabi 2005.
  • "Emprendedores", Synapsis, "Somos Ecuador", "Palabra de Mujer, Mujer de Palabra" CCE 2003, etc.
  • Opus Mae Art Gallery, Permanent Exhibits of her art works and other artists. Place where she teaches art classes.